Friday, August 10, 2012

My Sister, My Inspiration!

Hello friends!

My younger sister loves funky, pointy nails. She adores different colors and patterns, and is a lot better at putting them together than I am. So, my nails going into this weekend are inspired by her. I'd gotten this new Nicka K pastel lime green yesterday, $1.29 (yay!) and I used that to start. I was inspired by the dot work of Lucy's Stash, she does simply gorgeous work, check her out  here.This is where it led me! I love this color. It went on smoothly and I only needed one coat!

I used Nicka K-Pastel Lime Green, Ruby Kisses-Sweet Thing, Revlon Top Speed-Electric, Avon Nail Wear Pro-Loving Lavender, NYC Long Wearing-French White, L.A. Colors top coat, and a dotting tool.


  1. Ok first this is very cute and creative and second where can I purchase a dotting tool?

  2. Thank you so much! I got mine off eBay. Five for $3. But you can also use the end of a hair pin, or push pin. :)

  3. Thanks....oh great I have plenty of hair pins around :-)