Sunday, August 26, 2012

Personal Challenge-Color Club, Cacique, Del Sol & Essie Swatch & Review

Color Club
I really love Color Clubs polishes (I purposely put these first, lol). The colors seem to always be right on point! They can range in prices depending where you shop. At Bed Bath & Beyond they start at $3.99. At a drugstore they might start at $5.  I don't like how quickly they clump. A brand new polish can get a little gooey if your not careful. Other than that, I have no complaints!!! The colors below are Coral Cascade, a beautiful creamy, or as I like to say jelly, orange; Revvvolution (Femme Fatale Collection) a fierce and shiny holo black with various glitter colors; Burst Thing's First, an almost neon crackle pink.
Color Club-Coral Cascade
Color Club-Coral Cascade
Color Club-Revvvolution (Holographic)
Color Club-Burst Thing's First Fractured Polish (Green is Color Club Age of Aquarius Previously Swatched)
This is the only color I have from Cacique. This is actually my moms, I'm not sure how much she purchased it for. I looked online at Lane Bryant, but it's sold out : ( The price if you want to know is 3 for $12 or $5 for one. They do have some other colors available. The color is a little darker than in the pictures, but is still very pretty. Anyone who knows me knows I melt for shades like Seafoam. The polish went on very smoothly. It is also a creamy polish.
Del Sol
This is the only color I have from Del Sol, Heart Breaker. This also came from my mom. The color reminds me of the ruby red shoes from the Wizard of Oz. It is supposed to turn a darker color in sunlight. I tried and no success, but I may not have waited long enough or something. My mom says it works, it turns like a deep purple. I will try it again and keep you posted. Del Sol has other products as well. The issue for me is that I looked online and their polish is $10. Other than that the color is very pretty, and I enjoyed the glitter : )
Del Sol-Heart Breaker
I've already shown you my Essie Sew Psyched I purchased for $2.00 at CVS.'s another CVS great find for $2.00, Merino Cool. Looking at the color it feels like a merino sweater. It glides on so nicely and the color is amazing. What else is there to say! 

Essie Merino Cool

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