Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Personal Challenge-Klean Color, LA Colors,Maybelline Bold Gold, and Milani

Hello Everyone! So today I just have some quick swatches for your from my personal challenge. Enjoy!

Klean Color
The first comes from Klean Color. These are clear holo glitter polishes. To best show you their colors I used a white base. These polishes are best used as top coats, maybe on matching colors. I like these polishes, the only thing is that the smell is soooo strong. Of course I like the teal and pink, but I also kinda dig the black. You can purchase these from their website, ebay, beauty supply stores, etc.,for about $3.50.

Klean Color Chunky Holo Teal, Chunky Holo Candy, Chunky Holo Black and Chunky Holo Purple
LA Colors
This is the only color I have from LA Colors. I got this from Family Dollar, the price couldn't have been more than $2.00. It's a sheer pink, with a little shimmer. I like to use this color when I want a clean natural look for my nails. I also use it for my base with my french manicures. 
LA Colors Color Craze
Maybelline Bold Gold
I've shown a little bit of this gorgeous gold in a few post before. I wanted to show it on it's on. The color is like a gold piece of foil. This stuff is the bomb!!! It glides on very easily and dries quickly. I really love this color! This was $2.97 at Walmart.
Maybelline New York Color Show Metallics-Bold Gold

This is the only color I have from Milani to show you, Twinkle. I had a pink too, but I have the feeling my sister has borrowed it without asking. This is from their One Coat Glitter Collection. Here it is shown with only one coat!!! I really looove this color. It looks great as a top coat, and does give more glitter per coat than some other glitter polishes I've tried. It's definitely worth the money if you love glitter polish, at only $4.99 at a CVS, this glitter polish goes a looooong way!
Milani One Coat Glitter-Twinkle

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