Friday, September 7, 2012

Bright Stripes-Cynthia Rowley Nail Polish Swatch

Ok, sooooo as you can see I put acrylics back on my nails! See, I change my mind to often about my nails! I just really like the look of acrylics. I also think polish looks better on them. Plus I wanted some length to try new designs! :-) Here are the Cynthia Rowley polishes (pink and purple) I got for $4.99 (for both!) at Marshall's. I checked around and these are on ebay selling for $14.99, lol. These colors are gorgeous! They have a matte finish to them before using a top coat. I gotta go back to Marshall's and see if they have any left. I used Nicka K's Pastel Lime Green and Noir for the black lines. Have a great weekend!

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