Monday, September 17, 2012


So, me being me I wanted to see if I could find a promo code for this deal. I searched and low and behold there is a $25 off promo code, so that's $11 for all 4 Butter London polishes!!! The total comes to $15.99 with shipping. The promo code is VIPMEMBER. I found this on Lawless Lacquer,  Lynn has an awesome site, you should check her out, here!!!

Hey Everyone, so I just received an e-mail from Coterie and they're having a Butter London special. pick three polishes and get a Hard Wear fast dry top coat. I first heard about the cool flash sale site from Yasmine over at Miss Madd. She is sooooo awesome you should check her out here. The site reminds me of Hautelook, with limited time and quantity specials. This is cool for all you who love their polishes. I think the normal cost for these are $14.00 and the top coat is $18.00. So this is a good deal getting the four for $36. However, I'm on a budget so I'll just have to wait :-( Here is the link in case you want to check them out!

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