Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Toes & My Betsy Johnson's

It's a nice day outside and may be one of the last chances I get to wear my sandles. I wanted  my pedi to be fun and cute like my shoes. My sister hates when I put up pictures of my toes. She gets so grossed out (cracking up). Anyway, let's try to stay focused on the polish, lol. I used Sally Hansen's Polar Bare as the base for the cherries. I made the cherries by using a dotting tool. Then I took a thin brush to add the green stem and white highlights. I used Ruby Kisses' Red Cameo as the base for the dots and Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the actual dots. Hope you likey :-)


  1. I love it!! Those cherries are spot on!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
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  2. OMG I love this blog already by hubby always makes fun of me because I am always painting my nails lol. I showed him your blog and he goes I see you've met your match lol...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and like i said I write about beauty and fashion because I love it but I also like to write about life because sometimes people need someone to relate to and i feel that If I express myself others can relate.

    Love love your nails its funny my little sister hates feet too she thinks is gross lol...

  3. WOW!!! Coming from such a talented and inspiring individual that means alot. I truly appreciate your kind words. Your blog is so wonderful and I love the inspiration behind it. I'm just a girl who took a leap at sharing something I enjoy. I'm learning eveyday and it is the support of brilliant and talented individuals like yourself that help me keep this blog going. I encourage everyone to visit and also

    1. Omg my tears came out last night when I read this reply, Thanks for those words. Babe that’s all it takes a leap of faith and patience, with what you write and what you share you can inspire and touch the life of others that think they are alone and that their dreams isn’t possible. That’s why I share what I love to do and about my life because people sometimes need a little courage and a little push and ispiration. :)

  4. I'm so glad you are doing pedi's and sharing them with us. I don't have the nerve to do so myself. I pin all the pretty pedi's on pinterest. I must try cherry pedi's. Oh and I love the shoes :)

  5. Thank you so much Rhonda!!! It makes me a nervous too! I just really enjoy a cute pedi, I hope the polish can distract my feet, lol!!! Or, maybe it draws more attention, hummmm :-/ Your Pinterest boards are the bomb, by the way!!!! I love that you include many differnt things, besides polish!!!!

  6. these are so awesome! she would approve !