Saturday, October 20, 2012

Influenster 2012 Beauty Blogger Vox Box Review Part 1

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Today, I have to show you the first installment of my review of the Influenster 2012 Beauty Blogger Vox Box. The first products I wanna discuss are the Vitabath Fruit Fanatic Fragrance Mist and the EBOOST Daily Health Booster in orange flavor.
Vitabath Fruit Fanatic Green Apple & White Lily Fragrance Mist
When I initially tried this product I was a bit overwhelmed. It almost smelled like air freshner rather than a body spray. I'm not a body spray type of person though, I prefer a nice perfume. I also think my initial reaction was because I sprayed too much. The green apple and white lilly is a strong combination. So, I tried it again the following day after a shower, only spraying very little. It was actually quite nice. It had a clean, crisp smell to it. I also loved that it has vitamins and antioxidants. My skin actually felt a little softer.
My verdict
This is something that I'd put on at night, after a bath or shower. I don't think I would wear this as my going out fragrance. I love that it has all the vitamins, and a little goes a long way!!! I may try another fragrance to see if its less harsh. The collection comes in 16 different fragrances and is priced at $9.99. You can find the collection at Ulta, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, and on their site at


EBOOST Daily Health Booster-Orange Flavor
Next is the EBOOST effervescent natural energy drink. The product is supposed to boost your focus, energy, and immunity with no crash. The packet I received was .25oz, and it said to use 8oz of water. I decided to try this in the morning. I mixed it with some cold spring water. The drink reminded me of a gatorade or powerade. It wasn't thick, it does have a fizzyness to it, like soda. Honestly, I couldn't get through the entire glass. I didn't enjoy the orange flavor, the texture, and I didn't like the after taste.

My verdict
I really didn't enjoy this. I'm not sure if it was my deciding to use this on an empty stomach or simply because I don't even like sports drinks. I couldn't get past the flavor. I really don't want to taste all the vitamins going down. I'd rather take it in pill form. I didn't feel any different than normal, but then again I didn't drink the entire glass :-( You can get a box of 20 of these for $28 at There's also a box of 12 shots for $39, and there are other flavors including pink lemonade and acai pomegranate.

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