Friday, October 19, 2012

My New Nail Art!

Hey...I just wanted to share with you really quickly my new nail art! They just came in the mail today! This is a 5 pack of Bundle Monster nail art wheels, which contains 12 sections of art on each. I got these from ebay for $8.95, with free shipping. There are some other ones on ebay, some as low as $1.70 with free shipping, if you don't mind waiting for international shipment. I love the assortment they sent and can't wait to try them out. There's rhinestones, beads, and cute little decals. 


  1. I like these! Can't wait to see your nailart designs using them :)

  2. oh wow so cute!! a playboy bunny xD haha

    To be honest, i've always had problems with trying to use the rhinestone flower shapes and the chroma cutout heats and stars. I love things that just POW on my nails~ and they never did it for me. But i do spot out the bullion beads~ i need to rack up on more of those.

    i cant wait to see how you use them! ^^