Nail Care

Hi Everyone:

I wanted to show you a few things I use when tending to my nails. Since, I wore acrylic heavy, I'm working to get my natural nails healthy again :-) As, I try out new products I'll post them here for you!

Base Coat
For my hands, I always use a base coat before applying my polish color. This helps protect your nails from staining caused by darker colors, like reds or blacks. A base coat also helps give a smoother finish and prevent chipping. Currently, my base coat of choice is Nicka K's Garlic Treatment with Vitamin E, it's a $1.99 on their website. I've just started using it, show I'll have results soon.

Nicka K Garlic Treatment Base Coat
Top Coat
For my top coat, I really love Rimmel's Base Coat Top Coat Pro (you can see it's almost gone). It says it lasts up to 10 days. It does help with chipping and lasts longer than others. I think the longest I've worn it was about 5 days (that's because I don't normally wear one color that long, lol). I also like the brush. It's flat and wide and makes it better for application/coverage. It has a nice shine to it as well. This is about $4.50 at any drugstore.
Rimmel London Base Coat Top Coat Pro (up to 10 days)
Cuticle Oil
I always use a cuticle oil. For me, it really doesn't matter, as long as you use one. I use Sally Hansen's moisturizing nail and cuticle oil. I've had this one for more than a year now, so please excuse it's appearance :-). I don't believe I paid more than $6.00 for this. It's on sale on Amazon for $3.35.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil
Hand Cream
To keep my hands moisturized I use Tokyo Milk/Dark. I have number 17, Arsenic. It's a strong smell, but not a bad smell. It has crushed fennel, so I suppose that's why. Either way, I love the way it. It makes my hands look and feel shiny and soft. There are other scents you can choose from. This, I believe is available at Sephora, however I've never been in that store, lol. I purchase mine from ebay for around $11.
Tokyo Milk Dark #17 Arsenic
Foot Cream
For my feet, I use Soap and Glory's Heel Genius. Loooooove this stuff. Your supposed to apply to clean feet and cover with socks, overnight so that it can really soak in. I love it, it has a pleasant scent, not overly greasy. I also purchased this from ebay for around $6, but I believe you can also get this from Sephora as well.
Soap & Glory Hell Genius Foot Cream
So those are my essentials. I hope you enjoyed these and let me know if you try any!


  1. I use a nail polish that has vitamin C it’s supposed to make your nails healthy and strong but I haven’t used it in a while I’m going to have to start using it again as a base coat. Let me know if you want me to do a review on or tell you the name I got to look for it.

    1. Hey Leslie...that sounds great! You want to do a guest post? Anytime, let me know ma'am :-) I'm wearing acrylics right now, so I can't really do a review on natural nails.

    2. Ok boo I’ll try to find the Vitamin C nail polish so I can do a guest post on it. I love how you do your nail so creative, do you use any specific tools to create all those designs you do.

    3. Hey Leslie...sure...just let me know when!!! I use a dotting tool for my dots. I got a pack of 5 off ebay for $.99. You could also use the end of bobby pin or push pin. For the lines and any filling in I just have a thin brush I use. I got it from Sally's for I think about $4.