Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box 2012

Two Firsts: Last week I got an e-mail from Influenster saying that I would receive their 2012 Beauty Blogger Vox Box. I was like, say whaaaaat!!!! Couldn't believe it. My first ever products to review were being sent to me. I got them yesterday and it made me both nervous and happy. I knew I was gonna do a video to show you ladies and gents the stuff they sent, but sheesh, doing a video is a first for me too, I would never had done this prior to blogging, too scared. So, without further ado, before I back out, I'd like to really introduce myself to you all. I will have some detailed posts once I have a chance to use this stuff.

AHHHHHHHH!!! Ok, I'm good.


  1. Nice haul! You look so pretty, we need to see more of you! xoxo.

  2. U did a great job gf!!! And u look cute doing it...oh and can I have that hat lol

    1. Thanks so much Ki, Im gonna get you one :-)

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  4. Hi In-The-Red-Nails!!

    Your video is very good! Your voice is very soothing and I love seeing you for the first time!

    You are so lovely! Thank you for sharing with us so we can get to know you better, and when we see you now we can recognize you and go all fan girly! LOL (hugs)

    PS, I love the hat/sweater combo and nails, you look very stylish! I am proud of you for doing this video, I know it is hard and scary. I am thinking of doing one and the thought of it has me quaking in my stilettos LOL